our products

  • Nile perch fish fillet, de-boned, cleaned 
  • Packaged in 6 kg boxes
  • Chilled to below -30°
  • Inspected and certified by Kenya National Bureau of Standards
  • Processed fish leather
  • Hardy, sturdy, built for wear and tear
  • Processed using eco-friendly handling and disposal methods
  • Leather shoes and accesories 
  • Nutritious animal feed from bone meal
  • Sun dried, steamed and sun-dried again to eliminate germs
  • Ground to a coarse flour
  • Suitable animal and pet food

Victorian Foods CV


Victorian Foods was registered in 2007 and started out as a supplier of whole fish to processing plants within Kisumu City. Dwindling stocks and unscrupulous suppliers drove its founders to look alternatives further North, in Lake Turkana

Victorian Foods is an equal opportunity employer with majority of its 50 staffers being women drawn form local communities at its fishing bays in Turkana or the processing plant at Maili Saba

Nile Perch Facts

Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) is native to rivers and lakes in Africa. It is a large mouthed predator that preys on smaller fish, growing to at least 1.8 meters and 140kg.

A female Nile perch produces up 9 million offspring (most of which do not make it to maturity). Eggs take 20 hours to hatch; their life expectancy is 16 years.

Nile Perch are voracious predators and are responsible for dwindling stocks of smaller fish species like Tilapia, its favourite meal. Nile Perch are easy bait but difficult to haul especially for fully grown four to six footer – Perch stocks have dwindled by up to 80% in Lake Victoria in this decade alone

Corporate Values

Sustainable business pratices, Eco-Friendly Operational Techniques, Quality, Integrity, Honest, Consistency, Efficiency and Excellence

Our Vision

To be a premium brand for fresh & frozen fish produce, and fish waste upscaling that realizes the full potential of the blue economy to the benefit of local communities and the fishing industry

Our Mission

To sustainably maximize the resources of Lake Turkana, and empower communities surrounding Lake Turkana

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Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana, popularly known as the Jade Sea/Jade Lake is the largest desert Lake in the northern frontier and the world. It supports 300,000 people, is surrounded by three national parks.

It’s main inlet is River Omo, from Ethiopia. The lake has no outlet and loses water through evapotransipration.

This feature gives the lake’s fish a unique flavour.

Fish Processing Data

Output per Nile Perch

Fish Fillet
Fish Bone
Fish Skin
Fish Entrails (intestines)

Cold Chain Capacity

The company’s cold chain assets include a 3 tonnes per day Ice Flaking machine, a 5MT cold room (with a low of -30°C), one insulated 10-tonne truck and one refrigerated 5 tonne truck

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