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Fresh Nile Perch from the Jade Sea

The Blue Economy Conference

Kenya, 2018


Value Villages is a fish, feeds and fish leather processing company based in the desert of Turkana. We utilize all the waste products that are derived from our fish processing factory to make value added products. This includes the skin, which we are currently processing into exotic Leather, and the Head and bones which we are processing into fish meal, a key ingredient in our poultry feeds formula.

VF.Leather | Back story

Behind VF. Leather is the story of a determined and adventurous stay-at-home mum who, through trial and error, learnt the art of fish leather tanning.


From VF with Love

From fillets to leather, Victorian Foods is a cottage industry that adds a personal touch its products … from our nile perch fillets to hand crafted leather

Contact Us

  • Loropio, Turkana
  • P.O. Box 334 - 30500, Lodwar Kenya
  • info@victorian-foods.com
  • @VF.Leather