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Fresh Nile Perch from the Jade Sea
Versatile | Stylish | Durable
Fish Leather
VF.Fish Meal
Hygienic and Nutritious
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Blue Economy Conference | KICC |
Nov. 25, 2018

Join us as we launch VF. Leather,
Kenyan Fish Couture

VF.Leather | Back story

Behind VF.Leather is the story of a determined and adventurous stay-at-home mum who, through trial and error, learnt the art of fish leather tanning

From VF with Love

From fillets to leather, Victorian Foods is a cottage industry that adds a personal touch its products … from our nile perch fillets to hand crafted leather

Contact Us

  • Maili Saba, Kitale
  • P.O. Box 2056 - 20200, Kitale, Kenya
  • info@victorian-foods.com
  • @VF.Leather